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Figure 12

From: Earthquake faulting in subduction zones: insights from fault rocks in accretionary prisms

Figure 12

Macroscopic and microscopic occurrences of fluidized fault rocks. (a-c) Fluidized fault rocks from the Kodiak accretionary complex (modified from Brodsky et al. 2009; Meneghini et al. 2010). (d-f) Fluidized fault rocks from the Shimanto accretionary complex (modified from Ujiie et al. 2007a). (a) Flame-like intrusions of the black fault rock into the overlying cataclasite, and mixing flow between the black fault rock and the cataclasite. (b) Flow deformation developed in granular (Gr) and crystalline (Cy) microlayers (plane-polarized light). (c) Back-scattered electron image showing clasts of crystalline material (white arrow) in the granular (Gr) microlayer. (d) Injection of the basalt-derived comminuted material into the overlying mélange. Black double arrows indicate the ultracataclasite showing injection structures. (e) Zone of mixing flow between basalt- and mélange-derived comminuted materials (black double arrow). (f) Homogeneous texture typically observed in the slipping zone showing injection structures (plane-polarized light).

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