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Figure 8

From: Mechanism of long-standing Cenozoic basin formation in central Hokkaido: an integrated basin study on an oblique convergent margin

Figure 8

Rotation sequence on the forearc of northeast Japan based on paleomagnetic studies. (a) Site-mean multi-component remanence directions obtained from the Kurihashi Granodiorite in the Kamaishi Mine (Figure 1) after Itoh et al. (1998 2000). Dotted ovals show the 95% limit of confidence. All data are plotted on the lower hemisphere of the equal-area net. (b) Cooling and remanence acquisition pattern of the Kurihashi Granodiorite after Itoh et al. (2000). Subduction history of major oceanic plates on the east Eurasian margin is after Engebretson et al. (1985). (c) A model of differential rotation of crustal blocks after Itoh and Amano (2004).

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