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Figure 6

From: Shaking conditions required for flame structure formation in a water-immersed granular medium

Figure 6

Frequency ( f ) dependence of amplitude ( δz ) growth in the range of f= 10-5,000 Hz at fixed acceleration of 5.1 ± 0.3 m/s2 . The thin, medium, and thick lines correspond to the percolation, transition, and flame regimes, which are classified using the relative amplitude δ z at t = 9.9 s. The growth of the instability is fastest and attains the largest amplitude at an intermediate frequency of 150 Hz. A red arrow indicates a peak amplitude for the case in which a flame structure forms. Diameters of red and white particles which comprise the lower and upper layers, respectively, are indicated for comparison. Here, the amplitude data are smoothed (five-point running average) for the ease of visualization.

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